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Newgrounds Arena Chapter One

2013-02-19 18:10:45 by Noklevername

Hey everybody! I've been working on a new story, Newgrounds Arena, and here's the first chapter. Please tell me what you think in the comments!

Newgrounds Arena!

Darnell walked through the Battle Field, corpses of Newgrounders, who he may or may not have killed, burning around him. He knew them all, fellow Newgrounds creations. He spent a lot of time on Newgrounds. Mostly because he hasn't been in a damn game since the early 00's.

"It seems as though another piece of crap must be blammed..." A cold robotic voice announced behind him. Darnell turned around. It was the robot you all know and, if you're a spammer, hate. That's right, it waaaaaas... A-BOT!

Darnell gasped, "A-BOT! I thought we were friends!"

"You tried to light me on fire in my sleep."

"I was just trying to find out if robots burnt well!" Darnell retorted.

"Then why didn't you try it on P-Bot?!" A-Bot yelled.

"Because he's, I don't know... Popular?"

"That's it." A-Bot told Darnell, in a voice slightly less robotic then usual. I know, this story is VERY exciting. He shot mercillesly at Darnell, who jumped out of the way of each shot, succesfully not being dead.

"WITTY ONE-LINER, BITCH!" Darnell screeched, as he shot at A-Bot, knocking him back, until he collapsed. "Looks like Darnell wins this round, bitch-bot!"

Darnell took out his lighter, and approached A-Bot. "Now, it's time to kill you without being interrupted in anywa-"


The Pyromaniac Boy collapsed, his ear drums utterly destroyed by A-Bot's speakers. "Guess you'd say I... Cranked that shit up." A-Bot boomed.


"It was hilarious, Darnee." A-Bot replied, now in a cold, unfeeling tone. "Like Skrillex? The Author hasn't ever listened to it, so he assumed it sounded like that."

Darnell managed to stand up, and took out a gun, "Stop... Rambling!"

Before Darnell could shoot A-Bot, the Bot came to a realization. 'Holy shit I'm a robot and he's a twelve year old.'

The A-Bot then promptly stomped on Darnell. WINNER!


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